Click below for an exploded view of the latest SLZ Hi-Speed®Dolly from 2016 to present showing parts and part numbers.

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Below are catalog pictures of Collins SLZ Hi-Speed® Dolly sets, Dolly accessories, Push Bumpers, Fifth Wheelift Hitches, and Tunnel Boxes, along with replacement components and corresponding item numbers.

Featured are two choices of dolly wheels: 1) our Silver Steel and the latest and first created in our industry, 2) our standard Diamond-Cut Finish, Aluminum Mag Wheel — who said you can’t reinvent the wheel? Patented in 2006, the first-ever 3.75×8 Aluminum Wheel was designed to mate with the first-ever patented Aluminum Greaseable Hub, both of which were invented by Collins.

First up is our patented, aluminum Carrier Dolly System, for both vehicles and motorcycles — two in one! No more need for a separate motorcycle dolly.

Collins New SLZ Dolly
All Hi-Speed Dolly sets come standard with Diamond-Cut Aluminum Mag Wheels, Aluminum Greaseable Hubs, either 4.80×8 Load Range ‘C’ or 5.70×8 Load Range ‘D’ tires, and Aluminum Cross Rails.

(Optional items: Steel Hubs, Zinc-Plated Round Steel Pry Bar, Zinc-Plated Steel Cross Rails)

Below are separate Dolly Frames (based on SL, SLX & SLZ models) Complete with Aluminum Greaseable Hubs, Diamond-Cut Finish Aluminum Mag Wheels, and 4.80×8 Load Range ‘C’ or 5.70×8 Load Range ‘D’ tires. (Optional Zinc Plating for SLX Dollies Shown, Item No: DF-Z)

*Steel Wheels and Steel Hubs are optional for SLZ & SLX models and standard for SL model from 1976-2006.

1986-2006 SL Dolly Frames are also available as replacements.