Collins Push Bumpers


Collins Push Bumpers are not made for just the utility aspect of towing, but also for the style that adds to the truck. Form and function, without compromise of either.

Another innovation that Collins has developed for push bumpers is the Fold-Down Grill Guard. This became necessary with the 2008 Ford F250-550 models where the grill is part of the hood. In the examples below on a D.O.T. Dodge 2500, which also has the grill attached to the hood, it can be seen that the grill guard doubles as a step ladder for ease of vehicle maintenance.

Our Push Bumpers are formed and contoured from ¼” steel by hand to achieve a smooth, seamless appearance that looks like it was poured from a mold. Our turbo holes do not compromise the structural integrity of the bumper but rather lends strength as an additional cross brace.

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