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Towing Companies: 10 Tips for Great Service and Winter Weather Safety

With much of the country suffering from unusual snowfalls, extreme blizzard-like conditions, and dangerous amounts of ice, tow truck drivers are left inundated with service calls.  In the best conditions, vehicles have simply slid across the ice and become stuck in banks of snow.  In the worst conditions like the 133 car pileup in Fort Worth, icy road conditions leave cars mangled and passengers injured or killed. What can towing companies do to reduce risk and provide the best help to customers? First and foremost, make sure tow drivers are safe. Require drivers to wear appropriate footwear for snow and...
Reduce Towing Injuries

Reduce Towing Injuries with a Few Quick Tips

Running a tow truck company should be about helping your clients get out of tough spaces—not about having employees get hurt or even worse.  Between 2011 and 2016, there were a reported 191 deaths in the towing industry, which equaled roughly 43 deaths per 100,000 workers.  During that same timeframe, towing employees reported 6,400 non-fatal injuries and illnesses.  All these costs add up quickly in insurance premiums, non-covered damage expenses, and even lawsuits. Ways to Reduce Towing Injuries To keep your team as safe as possible, here are some simple safety measures you can implement in your business: Invest in...
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What Customers Look for in a Tow Truck Service

IBISWorld estimates 11% growth in 2021 for automobile towing services.  Is your company poised to gain that additional business?  Now is the time to make sure your business plan is established and aligned to achieve success. When a customer needs tow truck service, are they calling you? Your business success depends on being in the customer’s consideration set.  Whether the towing need is planned or comes as a result of an unanticipated event, you want your tow truck service to be top-of-mind.  Here are the leading reasons a customer chooses one towing service over another: Referrals. The number one way...
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When the competition says they must have a flatbed.

Photo Credit DOUG Medlyn Been in the industry since being a teenager, back when my old Collins dollies felt heavy, and I felt light the roles have reversed. Dollies are now lighter and the operator a bit on the heavier side but the brand of dollies hasn't. I count on my equipment to perform and Collins Dollies have excelled at the challenge.
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Getting it done

Photo Credit Pearson Recovery Best I’ve ever used, won’t buy anything else

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

Photo Credit Justin Bullock Quick work for stuck vehicle. Throw them on and go! "Get YA some ACTION"

No wheels no problem

Photo Credit Jonathan Reed They are the best dollies I have ever used
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Steel Dollies

Photo Credit Myles Bois Think these are the steel version, still looking for a picture of the aluminum version. We have a total of seven sets.
Tow Truck Drivers

Easy Ways for Tow Truck Drivers to Save the Day

The job of tow truck drivers is a bit like that of a superhero, isn’t it?  Somedays your hours are filled with helping stranded motorists while other days you’re on the prowl to locate a vehicle for impound.  On good days the sun is shining and you’re cruising with the windows rolled down while others leave you kneeling in snow and slush trying to get a vehicle out of a tough spot. Regardless of the day’s agenda, the kryptonite for most professionals is frustrated, angry, or disgruntled customers. Here are a few tips from our team to help brighten the...
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Finding the Right System and Parts is as Easy as A-B-C!

We’ve made some changes to make ordering and expanding your towing systems even easier!  Our new model sets are alphabet coded to correspond with the actual names of the sets! Looking for a system that will tow the heaviest of vehicles without lifting them onto a tow bed?  Need to retrieve a vehicle from a tight spot?  The Hi-Speed® Dolly System is for you! Hi-Speed® Dolly Systems are designated by “HSD”.  While extremely lightweight, our Hi-Speed® Dolly systems can tow up to 4280 pounds on their own wheels (no tow bed necessary!)  The HSD requires only one person for set...