Collins Hi-Speed® Dolly REPO R4D


HSD-R4C Repo

Each Set Includes

  • 2 Hi-Speed® Dolly bodies
  • 1 Pair Telescoping Cross Rails
  • 1 Square Aluminum Pry Bar (Round Steel optional)

Collins Hi-Speed® Dollies are the safest and lightest-weight PRIME-MOVERS of vehicles, with the heaviest load capacity – up to 25 times its own weight, and with no towing-distance restrictions, (tested to 1,600 FREEWAY miles). They were tested at the GM Proving Grounds in the U.S., as well as undergoing extreme, rigorous testing at the Mira Proving Grounds in the U.K. for European Certification. Having successfully passed these grueling tests and becoming certified, the Collins Hi-Speed® Dolly is the most proven dolly of all time.

Collins Hi-Speed® Dollies have more safety features than any other dolly, to protect your business. Treated properly they will last you years to come – many from the 1980s & 1990s are still on the road.


  • 4.80 X 8 static load range d = 992 lb @ 100 psi or 3,968 lb per set (3,968 lb @ 55 mph, 3,740 lb @ 62 mph)
  • 4.80 X 8 static load range d = 450 kg @ 9.6 Bar or 1,800 kg per set (1,800 kg @ 88 kph, 1,696 kg @ 100 kph)


  • Steel 5-hole cross rail collapsed od: 61”
  • Steel 5-hole cross rail extended usable: 84”


  • 4.80 Dolly loaded length: 46.0”
  • 4.80 Dolly stowed length: 36.5”
  • 4.80 Dolly height: 16.5”
  • 4.80 Dolly depth: 10.0”

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