Collins SLZ Hi-Speed® Dolly


Each Set Includes

  • 2 Hi-Speed® Dolly bodies
  • 1 Pair Telescoping Cross Rails
  • 1 Square Aluminum Pry Bar (Round Steel optional)

  • LIGHTEST – Weighing only 54 lbs. with a payload capacity almost 60x its weight (3040 lbs. up to 4280 lbs.*)
  • SAFEST – Safety Ratchets prevent accidents, allow mobility in tight spaces and better leverage on snow, ice, gravel & slopes – more safe options in difficult situations. Safety First!
  • MOST SERVICEABLE – Serviceability has never been easier–replace components on the spot!
  • MOST ADVANCED – State of the art engineering with the first 8 x 3.75 aluminum mag wheel and matching slotted aluminum hub.


  • Zinc Plating – Collins dual-tone zinc plating comes standard with the SLZ Hi-Speed® Dolly as a durable anti-corrosion finish to weather the most severe conditions.
  • Aluminum Wheel & Hub – The wheel reinvented: Collins Diamond-Cut Polished Aluminum Wheel and matching slotted Hub allows dynamic air flow through the openings, meaning hubs and bearings last even longer while reducing overall dolly weight.
  • Prime Mover – Collins Dollies are a prime mover – you can safely tow vehicles on the dollies for miles. Grease points keep the Hi-Speed® Dolly lubricated under many tows for longer periods of time


  • Dolly Weight (per side): 54 lbs. (4.80 x 8) & 60 lbs. (5.70 x 8)
  • Static Payload Capacity: up to 4280 lbs. (using 5.70 x 8 tires) & 3040 lbs. (4.80 x 8 tires)
    *Caution – moving forces increase load on dollies. Plan accordingly, use tie-down straps and drive safely.
  • Lift Clearance (measured from dolly): 7-inches (4.80); 9.5-inches (5.70)
  • Tire Pressure: Factory-released 60 PSI; Wheels rated up to 100 PSI
    *Adjust tire pressure as needed for towing conditions
  • High Tensile Strength Steel Dolly body with Capped End Frames and Reinforced Rail Pockets
  • Safety Ratchet System
  • Safety Lock
  • Dual-colored Zinc Plating
  • CNC machined Shoulder Bolts as pivot points
  • Machined Lubrication Channels
  • 8-inch Slotted Diamond-Cut Aluminum Mag Wheels (DOT approved)
  • Matching Aluminum Hub with Central-Point Lubrication for hub bearings
  • Dynamic Ventilation System to keep hubs & wheels cooler and running longer
  • Aluminum Cross Rail, Telescoping Axle, industry’s longest: 84-inches extended (ID)/61-inches collapsed (OD), 6 hole adjustment; reversible rail pin for comfort
  • Cross Rail weight: 22 lbs. each (Aluminum); 49 lbs. each (Steel)
  • Zinc-Plated, Single Piece Cast Rail Ends
  • Square Grip, Lightweight Aluminum Pry Bar (version for 5.70 dollies with 10-degree bend for better movement)


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